Warning to Leave Town
Sundry persons warned out of town 1790

Taken from Easton Town Records, Vol. 2, (1789 - 1816) (pages 32 - 33, 34 - 35, 35 - 37, 45, 46, 70 - 71, 92 - 93, 93, 105 - 106) Transcribed by Barbara Tourtillott on August 10, 2001 Words surrounded by brackets [ ] are the transcriber's interpretation of what the word is most likely trying to say. The information is typed letter for letter from the original document. Great care has been taken to leave the spellings of each word as they appeared in the original document.

Pg 32, 33
Bristol ss. To either of the constables of the town of Easton, in said County, Greeting:
You are in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to warn and give notice unto John Harvey, mariner and family; Benjamin Goodwin, yeoman and family; William Goodwin, labourer, and family; Daniel Goodwin, labourer, of Boston in the County of Suffolk; Francis Goward, yeoman, and family; Silvanna Burr, labourer, Rufus Burr, labourer, and family; Joseph Ward labourer, and family; Elijah Copeland, yeoman and family; Elijah Copeland Ju'r, labourer, and family; Isaac Fuller, Gent. and family; Lemuel Fuller labourer; William Bonney, yeoman, and family; Phebe Boney, single woman; George Wilbore yeoman and family; Barnabas Lothrop, labourer, and family; Bethiah Bass, single woman; Daniel Bailey, tailor, and family of Bridgewater in the County of Plymouth; John Carpenter labourer, and Family; Edward Kingman, labourer, and family; Asa Smith, yeoman, and family; Ammi Ruhamah Kimbell, labourer, and family; Samuel Kimbell, labourer; Hannah Kimbell single woman; Mary Smith single woman; Abigail Smith single woman; Moses Downing, labourer and family; Daniel Austin, labourer, and family, of Norton in the County of Bristol; Eliphalet Pierce, labourer and family; Reuben Vose labourer and family; David Thomson, labourer, and family; Mille Thomson, single woman; Ruth Thomson single woman; Hannah Pugger, single woman of Stoughton in the County of Suffolk; Ebenezer Tisdale, Gent., and family; Mace Tisdale, Trader, and family; Abijah Tisdale, Gent., and family; Hannah Fuller, single woman; Melzer Drake, labourer, and family; Cyrus Drake labourer, and family; Susannah Belcher single woman of Sharon in the County of Suffolk; Jacob Thayer, labourer, and family; Jacob Thayer Jr'r, yeoman, and family; Nathaniel Thayer, labourer, and family; Lemuel Thayer, labourer and family; Abijah Wetherell, yeoman, and family; Mehitable Wetherell, single woman; Josiah White, blacksmith, and family; John Wild, labourer, and family; Isaac King Labourer and family; Hannah Crosman, single woman, of Taunton in the County of Bristol, Jabez Eaton, yeoman, and family; Jabez Eaton, Ju'r, labourer; Eliphalet Shaw, yeoman, of Middleborough in the County of Plymouth; Edward White, labourer, and family; Royal White, labourer and family; of Mansfield in the County of Bristol; Elisha Scott a transient person; James Goff, labourer; Patrick Marr, labourer, of Boston in the County of Suffolk; Weltha Crosman, the widow of John Crosman, with her children, of Taunton in the County of Bristol; who have lately come into this town for the purpose of abiding therein not having obtained the town's consent therefore, that they depart the limits thereof with their children and others under their care, within fifteen days.
And of this with your doings thereon you are to make return unto the office of the clerk of this town within twenty days next comeing, that such further proceedings may be had in the premises as the law directs.

Given under our hands and seals at Easton, aforesaid this eight day of January A.D. one thousand seven hundred and ninety.
Abial Mitchel
John Howard
of Easton
Bristol ss. Easton January ye 26th 1790. By virtue of this warrant I have warned the within named persons to depart this town agreeable to the within precept.

Pr. Edward Howard,

Constable of Easton

  Recorded by Elijah Howard, Town Clerk.

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