Warning to Leave Town
Sundry persons warned out of town 1793

Taken from Easton Town Records, Vol. 2, (1789 - 1816) (pages 32 - 33, 34 - 35, 35 - 37, 45, 46, 70 - 71, 92 - 93, 93, 105 - 106) Transcribed by Barbara Tourtillott on August 10, 2001 Words surrounded by brackets [ ] are the transcriber's interpretation of what the word is most likely trying to say. The information is typed letter for letter from the original document. Great care has been taken to leave the spellings of each word as they appeared in the original document.

Pg 92 - 93
ss. To either of the constables of the town of Easton, in said County, Greeting:
In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required to warn and give notice unto Phebe Clarke, widow woman and family, of Norton in the County of Bristol; likewise Apollos Clarke, labourer, and family; and Daniel Briggs, housewright and family of Norton in the County of Bristol; Thomas Green, trader and family, from the State of Rhode Island; Edward Madding, transient person; Rebeckah Hall, single woman of Walpole in the County of Suffolk; and Jedidiah Packard of Sharon in the County of Suffolk, labourer and family; and Joshua Shaw of Middleborough in the County of Plymouth, yeoman, and family; Ezra Shaw labourer; Nicholas Shaw, labourer, of Middleborough in the County of Plymouth; Jonathan French, housewright, and family, of Taunton in the County of Bristol; Israel Francis of Mansfield in the County of Bristol, labourer, and family; who have lately come into this town for the purpose of abiding therein not having obtained the town's consent therefore, that they depart the limmits thereof with their children and others under their care, within fifteen days.
And of this precept with your doings thereon you are to make return into the office of the Clerk of this town within twenty days next coming that such further proceedings may be had in the premises as the law directs.

Given under our hands and seals at Easton aforesaid this thirtieth day of December, A.D. 1793.
Abisha Leach
John Howard
of Easton
Bristol ss. Easton January ye 13 1794, By Virtue of this warrant I notified the within named persons to depart the limits of this town within fifteen days from the 30th of December past, as the law directs.

Josiah Williams

Constable of Easton

  A true record pr Elijah Howard, Town Clerk.

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